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Able2 are the European distributors of JAECO’s Mobile Arms Support (MAS) products.
Since 1955, JAECO Orthopedic has manufactured high quality upper extremity orthotic equipment to the rehabilitation field worldwide. The Mobile Arm Support products are renowned for giving their users (adults and children) an enhanced quality of life and have been widely used throughout the UK.
About Us
The Able2 UK sales team has over 10 years experience demonstrating and assessing the full range of Mobile Arm Support products. We can provide individual assessments and demonstration meetings involving healthcare professionals. We work with the NHS and many of the leading charity’s who value the benefit these products give to the people that are associated with their charity.
For further information please contact one of our local sales representative (click to reps contacts page) or contact our head office (click to contacts page)
Mobile Arm Supports have been developed to give users a greater independence and enhanced quality of life. They have been developed for people with neuromuscular weakness such as muscle disease, cerebral palsy, spinal cord injury, multiple sclerosis and amyotrophic lateral sclerosis, that effect upper limbs, WREX acts as a functional aid in activities of daily living. It can also serve as a cost effective exercise/therapy device for people recovering from stroke.