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MultiLink Mobile Arm Support (MAS)
The MultiLink MAS is a lightweight anodized aluminum arm. The three articulated segment gives this design a more compact profile without sacrificing range of motion. This will, in many cases, eliminate the need to remove the MAS from the wheelchair in order to clear doorways or other obstacles. Two sizes cover children through adult, universal left or right.
Both the MultiLink MAS are available in 2 lengths depending on the size of the user. There are also different size arm troughs that a cover ages from toddler through to adult.
MultiLink Elevating Mobile Arm Support (MAS)
The elastic band assisted Elevating Proximal Arm of this MAS is designed to provide clients with shoulder girdle weakness additional range of movement. A client with as little as poor strength in the shoulder can accomplish self-feeding, table top activities and facial hygiene, while increasing or maintaining ROM and strengthening muscles.
The new design is universal left or right and has more lifting power with fewer elastic bands. The addition of the Forearm Support Slide simplifies forearm balancing, without tools.